Don’t stop Taco Tuesdays!

Don’t stop Taco Tuesdays because you are trying to lose weight. My husband and I love tacos. Sometimes we go out for them. But other times, I get the ingredients and make them at home.

Since I am doing the cooking, during the prep time I often take 6 leaves of lettuce away before chopping it, triple wash them and let the water come out. I use the lettuce as a replacement for the corn shell. (Cabbage is also a great choice) 

How about when eating out?

Don’t be afraid to ask the many places that offer a lettuce wrap option. This choice would be due to their shells not being gluten free or to offer a lighter version of their dishes like I mention on my previous post.

My husband and I recently celebrated his birthday with friends at The Cheesecake Factory. I ordered their Skinnylicious Soft Tacos and ask for the lettuce wrap option. I felt full but not heavy and liked the taste. They also offer a Chicken Lettuce Wrap Taco. I will try it next time and share my thoughts.


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