Salads don’t always=Healthy!

When eating out we often think of salads as a healthier or lighter choise, but have you asked yourself are these salads really that healthy?

Well I have to say that not really, so I looked into some of the main restaurants chain’s menus and what I noticed was that even if their calorie count wasn’t that high in comparison to some of the other items in their menu, the sodium content was too high.

The American Heart Association recommends an ideal limit of no more then 1500 mg per day for adults, they also say that the body only needs 500 mg of sodium per day. Most of the salads have between 600-3600 mg of sodium.

The Restaurant chains I refer to are Applebees, Ruby Tuesday and The Cheesecake Factory. Some of the restaurant above specify if the sodium content is with or without dressing but even if you take the dressing out you are left with a hefty amount of sodium.

To give you an example lets take a common salad offerd in all 3 restaurants

The Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

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