5 Tips for lighter underarms

1492206935780-3It’s getting warmer and I can’t wait to wear sleeveless shirts, go to the beach, and enjoy the party!

While looking forward to this nice weather, I was concerned about my underarms and how they would look when I wore sleeveless shirts. Sadly, they would look dark, as if I didn’t remove that unwanted hair.

With the help of one of our contributers Laura V. Cobos and some testing done of my own, I understood the actions that were needed to be taken to get raid of the dark underarms.

Here are 5 tips that should help you get rid of dark spots:


  1. Exfoliate the skin one day before any hair removal process. Exfoliating will remove the dead cells from the skin which causes folliculitis.
  2. While doing the hair removal process make sure to remove against the direction it has grown. It is more likely that it will be from bottom to top.
  3. Complete the hair removal process at night or at a time when you won’t have to use deodorant. Most deodorants close the pores that do not allow your underarms to breath.
  4. Remove deodorant or any other substances before going to sleep.
  5. Use a deodorant that can be used after shaving and that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.

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